As you can read in the recommendations letters, I always have good ideas, and here are just few examples.

For Dennerle, the aquarium plants and products company I worked for as Global Promotion Manager / Community Manager, I created a new aquarium style, with only red plants. It’s called “Danish Style Aquarium” (Danish because the plants are red, like the Danish flag, and also because I live in Denmark, where I made the first aquarium of this kind). It is now a trend followed all around the planet, from Romania to Bangladesh. Red aquarium plants finally got the success they deserve, with the hashtag #RedIsTheNewGreen.


I’ve been always creative when it came to share visual content on social networks, about special events or Facebook contests.


In order to raise awareness of my little jewellery shop, I had my guinea pigs model for me, and featured in Bored Panda. It helped me to gain hundreds of clients.





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