Engagement Specialist, Community Manager, Moderator

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f89FBFY5_400x400.png Today, I work as Engagement Specialist (Community Manager) and Moderator for The Social Element, the largest independent social media management agency, based in London. My role is to maintain order throughout the proceedings and ensuring that the users have a safe online experience, especially the youngest ones.
I am a Certified Moderator, registered in the British Register of Trained Moderators, ensuring employers can be confident that successfully trained moderators have met the required benchmark and are kept up-to-date with industry activities and current legislation.

From 2014 to 2017, I was Global Promotion Manager and Community Manager for a German company specialised in aquarium plants and products (Dennerle GmbH). I was their voice, their evangelist. I was in charge of promoting their products worldwide, engaging with the communities of aquarium fans, and working with influencers. My work considerably raised awareness of the brand, as you can read in the recommandations letters.

For this brand, I created a new trend, “The Danish Style Aquarium” : aquariums with red plants only. This trend is now followed worldwide, from Bangladesh to Canada.

This trend was then described officially and became stories in several magazines.

Additionally to my websites, I manage their fans communities as well.

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