Marie-Sophie Germain

944560_10151714805038487_1529838430_nMarie-Sophie Germain is a French author, journalist and community manager.
She lives in Denmark, and specialises in the small exotic pets and aquarium markets (France and International).


Marie-Sophie Germain is born in 1976 in Paris, where she started later her career as a scientific journalist, after having graduated the CFPJ (journalism school of Paris). She wrote numerous articles in Science et Vie – the french most read scientific magazine – about dinosaurs, biology, genetics and zoology.
At the same time (1997-2000), Marie-Sophie Germain also collaborated for women magazines, like 20 Ans, Biba and Vital.

Being an animal lover and specialised in small rodents and exotic pets, she created in 1997 a monthly column about small pets in the biggest pet magazine in France, 30 Millions d’Amis. She’s still in charge of this column 20 years later, writing about rodents, rabbits and ferrets.

After have been working in the marketing and communication fields in the years 2000, Marie-Sophie Germain decided to dedicate her life to her writing. She published a book about One Century of Scientific Discoveries, for the Editions In Octavo.

Between 2006 and 2012, she wrote 15 books in French about aquaristics, small animals, and invertebrates, for the Editions De Vecchi.

Having a passion for guinea pigs, this animal lover created in 2006 the big french community PassionCobaye.Com, with its own website, forum and Facebook fan page.

In 2012, she released some books about aquarium shrimps and nano aquariums. The same year she started a collaboration with a french aquarium magazine, L’Aquarium à la Maison, where she still writes about freshwater invertebrates an aquascaping.

In July 2013, Marie-Sophie Germain started to work for the German aquarium product company Dennerle, as a Community Manager, in charge of the French and the international Facebook pages, and then as a Global Promotion Manager from 2014 to May 2017. During this time, she created a new aquascaping style, dedicated to red plants only : The Danish Style Aquarium.

Marie-Sophie Germain became Moderator and Engagement Specialist (Community Manager) in the social media agency The Social Element in 2019. 


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