I started my journalist career at 16, as a freelancer in a scientific magazine for teenagers (Science et Vie Junior). I studied Journalism for 2 years at the CFPJ (Journalism school, Paris), and graduated in 1998.

From 1996 to 2000, I wrote numerous stories and investigations in the oldest and most read French scientific magazine, Science et Vie : paleontology, zoology, biology, genetics, environment…
My biggest achievement was a 18 pages cover story, about dinosaur parental care.


I was also a sexology expert in the iconic magazine 20ANS, and specialised in health in the magazines Vital and Biba.



In 1997, I founded the first column ever about small pets (rodents, rabbits and ferrets), in the biggest pet magazine, 30 Millions d’Amis. 20 years later, I’m still managing it.


As a zoology and pet “expert”, I also collaborated for another scientific magazine, for children, Science et Vie Découvertes.

Since 2012, I write monthly articles in the magazine L’Aquarium à la Maison, about freshwater invertebrates, aquatic plants and aquascaping.

Aquarium A la Maison


In english, I wrote several articles in english for the British magazine Practical FishKeeping, and the American magazine Amazonas (click to download) :

Fresh Greens
Sulawesi PFK
article red plants Amazonas Marie-Sophie Germain


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